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Most of us assume that cleaning sofa is just to make it look fresh and polished. But in reality, Sofa draws more dust and is a home to many harmful bacteria and other microbes, which may cause allergies and infections. The sofa need to be cleaned at least once in a year or two, as even the regular vacuuming cannot pull out all the germs and dirt properly. An expert cleaning of sofa results to a healthy, clean, odor free fabric that will retain its softness and original gloss.

Quillink Service is on-demand professional cleaning service provider with a mission to create a Clean and Hygienic living.Focusing on Work excellence, we believe in delivering damage free cleaning service and maintaining the corporate standard. We believe in customer centric business and do value for their time and money. With skilled and experienced work support, Quillink ensures an exceptional service delivery.

Book with Quillink Service, for a professional sofa cleaning experience. Hire a Sofa Cleaning expert today!

  • Benefits of Cleaning Sofa/Carpet

Sofa and carpet cleaning helps in the removal of dust particles from your home which causes harmful breathing problems. This also brings out the beauty of the. Through cleaning the life of the upholstery increases and can sustain for a longer period of time.

  • What We Do
  1. Dry vacuuming of sofa/ carpet.
  2. Application of shampoo & scrubbing.
  3. Wet vacuuming of sofa/ carpet.
  4. Sofa will be ready to use.



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