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  • Bathroom Cleaning

"Even though every day we get our bathrooms cleaned and use all sorts of disinfectants to keep our bathroom germ free, sometimes a professional help is required who can help you clean the entire bathroom and make it a germ free area. Though it seems very unbelievable simply book our bathroom cleaning services and experience it first hand. Our bathroom cleaning team are driven by technology and are equipped with the latest cleaning gadgets that bring a long-lasting effect on your bathroom."

  • Benefits of Bathroom Cleaning Services

Your bathroom is the best breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. An average clean bathroom hosts about a million of bacteria but professional cleaning helps you thoroughly sanitize your bathroom to make it clean and hygienic. Apart from sanitizing, professional cleaning also helps you reach hard to reach areas & make your bathroom as good as new.

  • What We Do

  1. Tiles and walls are thoroughly scrubbed with specialized machines.
  2. Sanitizing of toilet bowls & sink.
  3. Special cleaning for hard water stains removal from bathroom fixtures.
  4. Providing renewed look to taps/ faucets retaining original luster.
  5. Exhaust fans, lights, switchboards, and mirrors are properly cleaned.



It is a good idea to have your bathroom cleaned by a professional bathroom cleaning service once every few months as a professional bathroom cleaning services are able to perform a thorough, sanitizing clean for your entire bathroom. Professional bathroom cleaning services offer specialized services like acid wash, de-scaling, drain deodorization etc.

Quillink Service is on-demand professional cleaning service provider with a mission to create a Clean and Hygienic living. we deliver our best possible services. We provide our services to Kolkata and its suburbs, i.e. Howrah and Hooghly. 


The professionals hired from Quiilink Service are trustable and provide a well-organized service.

We will match your cleaning requirements with skilled cleaning professionals with their quoted prices and reviews. Book any of the professional and get a shinier and healthier bathroom with Quiilink Services!


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